Sunday, April 22, 2012


Dear Friends,
     Hillman, Michigan is changing before my eyes.  The downtown has a new bridge, new seating along the way, new trees.  Now we have lovely lamp posts, and all electrical is underground.  The entire town is wi-fi and definitely 21st century.  We still have several empty store fronts, but I have a feeling that will change once the construction is completed.  And so it has, just one place left for sale.
     Brush Creek Mill is one of my volunteer sites.  It is a historical museum, hobby center, community center, and more.  Its River's Edge gift shop contains quality arts and crafts from area artists, and by area we mean North-East Michigan.  The Historical Society has its wide collection here.  The most recent exhibit is photos of regional schools, and photos of various graduating classes.  As many schools no longer exist, a map is also posted with schools marked. 
     I work in the office, paying vendors, creating flyers and brochures, and managing the web site.  The web site requires the most time, and I have the least time for it.  I invite you all to visit us at to find out more.
     St. Augustine's Catholic Church takes up my other free time.  Located on Veteran's Memorial Highway, I lector regularly, and president of the pastoral council, and soon to be president of our local altar society titled Council of Catholic Women.  I have been reaching out to Catholics who have left the parish, for one reason or another, especially for the lack of Sunday Mass.  Our last pastor was in charge of four parishes spread widely apart, so our Mass was on Saturday.  Our current priest only has two parishes to tend to, and three churches to say Mass for.  One of the churches loves a Saturday Mass, so our Mass is again on Sunday.
      Our little town has a new library, the old health clinic, and has doubled in size.  We won't be losing our Post Office, even if it is closed on Saturdays.  We are proud of what has been accomplished, and what is yet to be done.  We are in Montmorency County, the poorest county in the State, but we have pride, and it is only about 19-15 minutes from our little house in the woods.

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