Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow Update etc.

     When I left you last, we were without power.  It came on Tuesday afternoon about 2:30, so we were four days fighting the elements.  Sounds like we were out in the cold, when really we were quite warm, though I was tired for three days for lack of sleep.  I'm sure you have seen snow photos before, but this is one I took, looking into the woods from the front porch.
     Of course, now its summer...well, the second day of Spring.  We have had three days of 85 degree weather and relatively high humidity.  All the bulbs are up, and my mother (yes, she's 90) and I have been raking and blowing leaves to get them off the plants.  Even the lilac and honeysuckle bushes have leaved out, and the maples are in bloom.  We have one more area to finish, then I can go along the edges and clean things up.  We aren't supposed to get rain until Thursday or Friday, so our fire danger level is "high".  With all the trees and dead branches brought down by the heavy snow, the debris in the woods is considerable.  I've picked up branches large enough for the wood stove, and the lowest level of leaves is still wet, but I'll be better pleased when all the leaves are gone from the nearby beds and yard trees.  We have many dead trees close to the house, but will need to wait for the "men" in our family to come take them down.  
     With the crocus blooming, the tulips and daffodils up two inches or more, and all this warm weather, I feel ready for spring, or summer.  Mom and I have been sitting on the back deck in the afternoon, as the front is full of sun.   I went so far as to purchase a table and chairs today, and a small fountain to enjoy on the deck.  We just know this can't last.  But even next week will be in the 50s.  I keep waiting for a unexpected snow storm.  I hope it doesn't come, for the fruit trees are budded in Lelanau and it would spell disaster for the grapes, cherries, and apples.  It will be a tough year anyway.  Migrant workers are all in hiding, afraid of showing up and being deported.  In the meantime, farmers fear their fruit will rot on the ground.
     Nothing is easy in life.  We're lucky God is in charge, not us humans!

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