Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Back

     I haven't written for a while, again, this time because I've gotten myself involved in a variety of organizations.  First as Chair of our Pastoral Council,  second as President of our local CCW, third as a volunteer to Brush Creek Mill, and I have organized a writer's group:  Brush Creek Writers.

     I have finished Tucks and Me, and have found a great editor.  She edited the first few pages, then gave me suggestions for revision that will save me editor fees.  If you have a chance to work with Mary Jo Zazueta please do.  You'll find her at
     I have done a lot of work on Otto, a novel about an SS/farmer who believes and comes face to face with the reality of what was done by his heroes during WWII.
     If any of you have a chickadee photo/design, I could use a good logo.  So far I'm just using a stock photo, see above.  You can find out the other things I've been up to if you check on the link above for
Talk to you soon!